What events have been, will be and would be cancelled due to COVID19?

A lot has been planned for this year especially the events in Switzerland but due to COVID19, it has not and is no longer possible to make it happen. We will just need to wait until 2021 for more Swiss events adventures.

How to Treat Dry and Sensitive Skin: My Morning Daily Skincare Routine (Spring Edition)

How much skin changes over time is unbelievable and it takes time to find the right products and the right routine to keep it as healthy as possible. This my first skincare vlog post on my Youtube channel which I hope will be of use to you as my previous posts in my old blog.

Puppy School Benefits + When to start socializing

Here are a few tips on why you should consider puppy school and when to start socializing your puppy.

Puppy training series | Thinking of getting a dog?

Bringing home a puppy? Have a look at what steps we needed to take in order to welcome our new puppy, Snickers.

What to expect at the Street Parade in Zürich and bonus tips

Ready to see what's in-store for you at the Zürich Street Parade? This year's motto is "Colours of Unity" and was attended by 850,000 people.

Visit at The Dessert Museum in the Philippines

Haven't been to The Dessert Museum yet? Here's a quick overview on what's in store for you.

What to expect in Züri Fäscht (Zurich Festival)? 2019

Hoi zäme! Quick question, would you wait three years for the city's biggest 3-day party? The Züri Fäscht is one of the long awaited celebrations in Kanton Zürich. Watch my video to find out why.