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Hoi zäme! Welcome back to FiliSwissed. It’s another Snickers video and this time I will be sharing with you the interactive puzzle dog toys that we use to stimulate Snickers. If you’re wondering what treats we get Snickers that would also go well to use with these toys, check out my last Snickers post about Dog Training Treats.

Towards the end of the video will be the unboxing of the Woof Club Box from our monthly subscription so stay tuned until the end to see it. Are you thinking of getting your dog or someone’s dog a toy? Let me show you the options we have at home.

What are interactive puzzle toys?

They are toys that allow you to put treats in them and your dog will need to figure out how to get them out. They’ve been great especially during lockdown and we had to be on calls because it kept him busy and entertained.

Puzzle Levels

Not all dogs are the same in activity. One may find level 1 a challenge but another may find it too easy that it easily becomes boring. If you’re able to test puzzles out with your dog before purchasing one, it would be best because then you will know that there is a level of difficulty or challenge so that he wouldn’t find it fun to play it and render itself useless.

  • Level 1: Beginner
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advanced

Which puzzles did we get?

Interactive puzzle dog toys from Trixie (Activity Flip Board) and Nina Ottosson (Dog Casino, Dog Twister, Dog Worker)
Interactive puzzle dog toys from Trixie (Activity Flip Board) and Nina Ottosson (Dog Casino, Dog Twister, Dog Worker)

Trixie (Level 2)

Nina Ottosson (Level 3)

Note: The toys made of plastic are splinter- and poison-free and the wooden toys are made in Sweden with all-natural MDF material of certified “SVANEN” marked eco-friendly Carb 2 MDF, which means that no formaldehyde is added, which is very common for similar products.

If your dog breaks it and you need to dispose of it, they are recyclable such that the wooden toys are made from beech trees and then plastic toys made from PE and PP plastic.

How to teach your dog?

If you’re not sure if your dog can figure out how to solve the puzzle on their own, you can always assist them along the way like showing what to turn or pull. The last thing you want is for them to be frustrated that they can’t get that smelly treat out of the toy. Using smelly treats help motivate them to try as hard as they can because the reward will taste good.

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