Keto Diet Weight Loss Journey (Bonus Keto Food Recipe)

Keto Diet Weight Loss Journey vlog post

Hoi zäme! Welcome back to FiliSwissed. In this post, I will be sharing with you our Keto Diet weight loss journey to reach our goal weight which is our ideal body weight. We decided to shed the extra pounds in preparation for our wedding now that we have more time due to the COVID-19 situation. After 1 month, I have managed to lose 5.4 kg and it hasn’t been difficult.

What is the Ketogenic “Keto” Diet?

It is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Convert your body’s fuel source from glucose which comes from carbohydrates to ketone bodies, which are produced when in a ketosis metabolic state. Your body becomes more efficient at burning the fat because it is needed for energy elsewhere rather than just being stored and accumulated when not in use, especially when your lifestyle is sedentary.

Food List

(Based on the meals we have prepared throughout our keto diet weight loss journey so far)

Keto Weight Loss Journey food list
Food List from our Keto Weight Loss Journey meals

It’s not always easy to start a diet as it takes at least a bit over two weeks to make it a habit. If you’re going over to a friend’s for example and they offer champagne or wine, at least you know to check if it’s an allowed alcohol or not. Although, the snacks may be an issue so it may be best to have already had something at home or schedule your meet up at a time when you don’t necessarily need to eat a meal or snacks.

Discipline is key in any diet or a new habit. Your body can learn, it can be trained. It just takes time and more than enough repetitions for it to become second nature to you. What kept us in disciplined, if that is what I can call it, is that we plan our keto meals for the week so that it’s easy to do the grocery shopping since the list is made and there won’t be any last minute buying during the week for stuff that’s unnecessary or even unhealthy to some extent.

Keto Diet Weight Loss Journey Bonus Recipe:

Avocado with Shrimp Salad

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