5 Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Hoi zäme! Welcome back to FiliSwissed. In this post, I will be sharing with you my top 5 skincare mistakes that I made growing up that you’re also probably making. I hope I can help you learn from my mistakes earlier if you’re just starting to build your self-care routine or if you are currently doing it then I hope I caught you at the right time to stop.

My Skin Type

  • Dry: For the most part of the year
  • Sensitive: On occasion
Skincare mistakes to avoid

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. Not reapplying sunscreen throughout the day (as mentioned in my previous skincare post, 8 Sun Protection Tips + Bonus After-Sun Skincare Tips)
  2. Not updating my skincare according to my needs
  3. Not getting enough sleep
  4. Unhealthy eating
  5. Not checking if a new product is suitable for my skin

During my research for this post, it turns out that there are common outcomes when it comes to sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, I have listed them all below to keep the list short and sweet.

Keep in mind that it can also be on a case by case basis and/or situational and so what I have gone through as consequences of my mistakes may not have happened to everyone. Nevertheless, it is something to consider when working on your skincare routine as a newbie or looking to improve it.

Effects of Unhealthy Eating and Sleep Deprivation

  • Dehydration
  • Fine lines
  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness
  • Spotting
  • Premature aging

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8 thoughts on “5 Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. super agree! we need sunscreen even if we are only staying inside the house. i am loyal to a few products only. i don’t like changing skin care products when ever a new one comes along.

  2. I agree sa fifth, in my POV, the product always works for the skin type they are being applied to. Some skins are sensitive that it can’t contain the chemicals being put on the skin thats why it’s reacting causing pimples and other skin problems.

  3. I’m guilty of all these things! Especially not wearing sun screen! I read that you need to apply even if you’re at home – and i skip this all the time. :-/

  4. I’m guilty of all these things! Especially not wearing sun screen! I read that you need to apply even if you’re at home – and i skip this all the time. :-/

  5. I struggle most of the time on #3. Getting enough sleep. Because of the workloads of my new job and I just enrolled again on AMA University on their Online Education platform, So I have to rush things out on my studies too. 😦 Thanks for the tip! I need to let my body take some rest for real, I am getting pimples on my forehead recently.

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