Dog Training Treats, Top 4 (June Woof Box Unboxing)

Training Treats Vlog

Hoi zäme! In this post, I will be sharing with you not just all the treats that Snickers gobbles up but also the best dog training treats from our selection that we found were best for puppy training him. We will also be unboxing the June Pawtastic Box from the Woof Club to show you what awesome goodies are in-store for this month.

If you’re in the process of getting a dog or a puppy, I also posted a video called “Getting a Dog Checklist” and you can click on the link below to check it out and I will also link our free downloadable dogcare management planner to help you get started.

The treats we get are usually from the pet store, or from our monthly subscription box from The Woof Club, and new finds at the dog fair.

The Woof Club Discount Code: snickers10

Getting a Dog Checklist vlog post: click here to view

Click here to get your free dogcare planner: click here to download

Brands mentioned in this video

Dog training treats from Swiss Natural, Qualipet, Moments by Bocados, Pooch & Mutt
The Chosen Ones

Snickers’ Favorite Dog Training Treats

  • Swiss Natural – z’Nüni
  • Qualipet – Qualidog chicken cubes
  • Moments by Bocados – Turkey tasty bites
  • Pooch & Mutt – Peanut butter, wheat-free, junk-free mini-bone dog treats

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  1. I really love dogs but right now, I don’t have one… My sister in Sydney has one for sure this product will benefit his dog JOllibee…:) thank you for featuring this on your blog!

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