Dog Subscription Boxes Unboxing | Are They Worth It?

Puppy Training Pt. 3: Monthly Subscription Boxes for Dogs ft. The Woof Club

If you have a doggo or are thinking about getting one (don’t forget to check out my blog post, Thinking of getting a dog?), you’ve probably been seeing videos on Youtube about monthly subscription boxes for dogs. We’ve received our 3rd box and we’re not unsubscribing anytime soon. In the dog subscription boxes unboxing vlog post, I’ll be unboxing our latest box subscription that arrived and in this post, I will elaborate more on the ins and outs of subscription boxes. Are they worth it? Not sure what you’ll be committing yourself to? Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

How did we choose a subscription box/company?

  • Ships within/to Switzerland
  • Subscription fee options
  • Delivery frequency
  • Customization
    • Toys only
    • Treats only
    • Mixed
  • Goodies
    • Toys: Interactive? Durable? For teething/chewing? Eco material?
    • Treats: Organic? Vegan? Healthy? Allergy options?
    • Misc.: Grooming? Accessories?

Subscription Boxes We’ve Received So Far

Stores mentioned

Start now!

You can use our discount code to get a 10% discount off of your first monthly box subscription from The Woof Club. This code can also be used for the Meowbox if you also have a cat or want to recommend this to your cat mom/dad friends.

Discount code: snickers10

The Woof Club ships within Switzerland as well as France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. More countries to come.

Non-subscription Goodies We Buy

The Zooplus Christmas dog box isn’t a subscription box which is why I placed it in this category. However, I did an unboxing video on Instagram story to show what was included in the box.

  • Zooplus Christmas dog box
  • Hov Hov Bäckerei
    • Pretzel
    • Biscuits
    • Doggy Bites
  • Qualipet
    • Trixie Donut
    • Qualidog Mini sausages
    • Qualidog chicken cubes
  • Harmony
    • Dental Cleanies
    • CBD Snack
    • CBD Oil
    • Natural sausage
  • Vitakraft
    • Beef Stick – Arthro Fit
    • Beef Stick – Low Fat
    • Beef Burger
    • Chew Bones
  • Hills Hundesnacks Dental Care
  • Pansen Bone Guard 0-1

How do we use the products we get?

Indeed it does look like a lot. Because we aim to train Snickers a couple of minutes every evening after work, especially now that he’s in his teenager phase, we find it best to continue to stimulate him with training activities.

We use the treats and toys as rewards and because we receive a variety of treat options, he continues to be motivated during training sessions. He doesn’t get bored with the treats we give him so he aims to do the trick well in order to get the treat.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and TikTok, you would have already seen the interactive toys that we use to stimulate him as well when we get busy with chores/work during the community quarantine since he doesn’t need to go to the doggy daycare during this time.

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