My All Time Favorite Sheet Masks for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Skincare Vlog Post #2: Sheet Masks for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Today, I will be focusing on sheet masks that are especially best for dry and sensitive skin, at least from in my experience they have been working on my skin. Ever since the sheet mask trend, it was difficult to steer clear of them. When I finally got hold of my very own, it was difficult to let go but not without consequences. It took quite some time and countless trials and errors to find the right brands and products for me. However, I am now very happy with what I have been using and will continue to use. That doesn’t stop me from trying new products though 🙂

In my last skincare post, I mentioned that I have dry and sensitive skin. Not exactly the best condition to live with but it also only started in my early 20’s. From then, I’ve had to slowly build my skincare product collection going through the entire process of researching and testing products the people with similar skin types as me have tried. Imagine being a uni student on a budget at such a “glorious” time XD No it was not the perfect time to have gone through such an ordeal but we learn whenever the challenge arises.

Sheet Masks that I’ve Tried and Liked

  • Lululun
    • White
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Garnier
    • Eye Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Orange Juice
    • Eye Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Coconut Water
    • Charcoal Black & Algae Hydrating Face Sheet Mask
    • Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Shot Mask w/ Vit. C
    • Ultra Hydrating Soothing Mask w/ Chamomile & Hyaluronic Acid

Sheet Masks that I’ve Tried but Rejected

  • Victoria’s Secret
    • Charcoals
    • Let’s Pre-Glam (w/ Hyaluronic Acid)
    • Chill Like an Angel (Calming Face Mask w/ Tea Tree Oil)
  • Garnier
    • Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Mask

Sheet Masks that I’m Waiting to Try

  • Jiinju
    • Gold Foil Sheet Mask
    • Ginseng & Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask
  • Skin Republic
    • Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Koala Face Mask Sheet
    • Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask
    • Hand Repair
    • Brightening Eye Mask
    • 2 Step Brightening Vit. C Face Mask
    • Foot Repair
    • 2 Step Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Face Mask

Other sheet masks I forgot to mention in the video but also waiting to try

  • DEARPACKER Real Nature
  • Beyond

Where I Get My Sheet Masks

Depending on when I need certain products after finishing a unit and where I am, I buy them from the following shops:

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Stay healthy!


Kindly keep in mind that I’m not a dermatologist nor in a similar profession. I share in this video my personal experience and I can’t guarantee the information on this channel is error-free. So feel free to do your own research according to your skin & health concern.

I always welcome feedback to correct any incorrect/misleading information. I am therefore not qualified to diagnose/provide professional advice regarding your skin concerns.

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  1. I myself have dry skin and a really sensitive one too! I used to breakout a lot but ever since i used face mask, it’ll went better… will checkout these other brnds for sure!

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