What events have been, will be and would be cancelled due to COVID19?

Cancelled 2020 Swiss Events Vlog

A lot has been planned for this year especially the events in Switzerland but due to COVID19, it has not and is no longer possible to make it happen. We will just need to wait until 2021 for more Swiss events adventures. In this post, I will be sharing with you my list of my top 10 Swiss events that have been, will be or should be cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak.

My Top 10 Cancelled 2020 Swiss Events

  • Street Parade (Click here to see my vlog on the 2019 Zürich Street Parade)
  • Dörflifäscht
  • Knabenschiessen
  • Faschnacht
  • Sechseläuten
  • Music Festivals
    • Caliente
    • Montreaux Jazz Festival
    • Fête de la Musique
  • Schweizer Bundesfeier
  • L’Escalade

More Cancelled 2020 Swiss Events I missed in the Video

  • Ice Hockey World Championship
  • Circus
  • Christmas Markets

In My Opinion

The biggest concern since the topic of easing the measures has been out and about, is the possibility of having a second wave. There’s no vaccine yet, not enough masks to pass around and distribute, standard PPE for frontline staff must be sufficient in the hospitals, etc… People have been going out, meeting up with each other having 2 meter parties/meet ups with friends, whereas some go out with a stick or similar to keep others from getting too close.

Already, coiffeurs (hairdressers) have open up shop again and as part of the opening, they must provide customers with a mask and a single-use body sheet. That’s quite a lot of waste and how they’re provided masks, I have no idea since they should be reserved for those working in the frontline to begin with but if that’s the way they can do save their business then okay. Safety first!

Do you agree with this list? What events have been cancelled in your country due to COVID19 that you have been looking forward to attend? Leave a comment here on on my channel to let me know what you think.

Please keep in mind that the information in this video are based on the FOPH announcement up to 08 May 2020. New information can come at any point and may change some of the information that is initially stated in this video.

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Stay healthy!

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