Puppy School Benefits + When to start socializing

Puppy School Benefits & Socialization

Following on the previous Puppy Training post, now I will be discussing in the latest vlog post on the benefits of going to puppy school and my thoughts on the long-debated puppy socialization question along with more puppy training tips. If you have been following me on Instagram and TikTok, you would have already seen that  Snickers has been in puppy school and our adventures.

Puppy School Benefits

  • Bonding time
  • Obedience
  • Peers (Other puppy parents)
  • Socialization (interaction w/ other puppies)
  • Coaching (professional support)

When to socialize your puppy?

His first time at home, we would only spend 10 mins outside for him to learn to do his business outside on the lawn. We did not do any trips to the big public places that have too many people. After the 2nd vet appointment, it was full steam ahead. We started puppy school, training being in public spaces like the mall and airport, exposure to passing trains, planes, cars, buses and trams, longer walks and greeting other dogs and people during our walks.

Puppy Training Series Part 2

Puppy Training Series Pt. 2: Puppy school benefits & when to start socializing

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