Puppy training series | Thinking of getting a dog?

We finally agreed that we can have a dog in our home and have made the necessary preparations to bring him home using our “Buying a dog checklist”. The entire process took about 2-3 months and was definitely worth the wait. If you’re not sure what a cairn is, think of Toto the dog from the Wizard of Oz.

First visit at the breeder. Snickers at 1 week old.

If you have been following me on Instagram and TikTok, you would have already seen that I have had other dogs and my last dog which is a pomeranian, Germain. He is 9 years old and is currently living with my cousin in the Philippines together with her own Pomeranian family. We bought him and his sister when they were 3 months old and adopted Molly, a golden retriever a few months after. King, the french bulldog, followed a year later. They will always have a place in my heart but of course there’s room for Snickers, the cairn terrier.

Second visit at the breeder. Snickers at 1 month old and can walk.

In my latest vlog post, I discuss not only the need to prepare for bringing home a dog but also what to prepare as you embark on this journey. There is a checklist of things to do before you can say you’re ready to take him/her home. In the rest of my series, I will be covering more information about the preparations that you will need to go through and our experiences in raising Snickers. I hope this will in turn help you as you embark on your journey in welcoming a new member of your family.

Here a few questions to ask yourself:

Here a few questions to ask yourself:
1. If you have a live-in partner, living with your family or have a roommate, did everyone consent to getting a dog?
2. (If renting) Do you have approval from your landowner to have a dog in your home?
3. Do you live close to a dog park or green areas where you can take your dog out for a walk, play, poop and pee?
4. Do you have enough time to spend with your dog especially for training and playing?
5. Are you financially prepared to cover not only the monthly expenses and unexpected/unplanned expenses?
6. Do you have or can you make space in your home for all his/her needs?
7. Is there a vet nearby for check-ups and emergencies?

Meet Snickers the cairn terrier

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